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How to obtain the script

These instructions refer to a WinBIZ installation in English.

1. Go to Sales -> E-commerce.
2. Click on the button "Sites" on the "E-commerce" form that has been launched.
3. The "Site configuration" list opens.
4. Click on "New".
5. Fill in the yellow field with something like "Test Script".
6. Select, from the "Type" listbox, the type of script that you want to access (the default is osCommerce).
7. Go to the "URL" Tab.
8. Enter the FTP address of your FTP test server.
9. Enter the port (the default is 21) to access the server, and also the user and password you've granted the access to.
10. Go to the "Parameters" tab.
11. Enter in the field "Scripts" the path that goes, on your FTP folder, to the folder you want to deploy the script to.
12. Go to the "Script" tab.
13. Ensure that "Original Script" is selected in the "Script" listbox.
14. Click the small button "Update the script" on the top left corner of the form.
15. The script is now in the FTP folder you specified in step 11, you can retrieve it from there.

If you want to give a look to the script that is used for a different type of shp, just go back to the "Site" tab and choose a different type of site.

Scripts are available for the following types only:
- CRE Loaded
- PrestaShop 1.4, 1.5-1.6
- Virtuemart et Virtuemart 2.0
- Zen Cart
- osCommerce

All the scripts have been based on the osCommerce one: it's a good starting point that implements the actions explained in the following chapters.

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