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Automatically import activities

Firstly perform the operations specified in this chapter


Argument to launch the Automatic import




command=ProjectActivitiesImportAuto(cFolder, full_day_length, default_employee_code, default_status, default_project_code, default_costomer_code, default_task_code, import_as_batch)

cFolder contains the full path of the Folder in which are stored the files to be imported.


Number of hours representing a full day length.


A default code to set for the staff member (you have only one staff member, or you have a separate file for each staff member).


A default status to be attributed to all the activities (the accepted values are the same that are specified in the description of the file).


A default code to be set for the projects (you have only one project, or you have a separate file for each project).


A default code to be set for customers (you have only one customer, or you have a separate file for each customer).


A default code to be set for tasks.


Choose if you want the import to be considered as a batch or not.


Only cFolder is compulsory


*/ This command imports the files in c:\temp in the fiscal year 2017 for company 25 in the database contained in "C:\WinBIZ Data". The length of a full day task is 8.5 hours (8h 30') the code of the Staff member for which the file is imported is nr. 3.

config= c:\winbiz\winbiz.ini dbfolder c:\winbiz_data company=25 year=2017 command=PROJECTACTIVITIESIMPORTAUTO(c:\temp,8.5,3, , , , , )

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