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WinBIZ installed locally, database on NAS

In this configuration WinBIZ is installed on one or more workstations. The database is located on a NAS.


WinBIZ is a software developed to work under the Windows OS. Its database is conceived to work on disks based on Windows Files Systems.


The majority of the NAS available on the market are very well adapted for backup purposes and for multimedia storing and streaming. They are rarely adapted to an intensive usage requiring a huge number of read/writes.


On the top of this, the NAS File System is not a Windows one: it is not as performing, it doesn't offer the same security mechanisms and options, and it doesn't use the same communication protocols, across the Network, between the workstations and the data.


For all these reasons, we don't support the usage of a NAS as WinBIZ data repository.

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