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Network protocols

The communication protocols evolve and new versions are implemented almost in each new Windows Operating System.


Certain combinations between different OS demand certain settings to be applied. These settings depend on the protocol used by all the computers participating in the communication of the network. The new SMB2 and SMB3 protocols are well known not to be able to manage correctly a massive amount of read/writes performed by more users on a same file. This problem can lead to data loss. The typical symptom is a user saving a commercial document that doesn't contain, when saved, all the lines entered a few seconds before.


You must set to 0 the delay of the local cache for SMB2 and SMB3 in order to avoid this problem. This is necessary only if your infrastructure includes workstations or severs with the following operating systems:

-   Windows Vista;

-   Windows Seven;

-   Windows Server 2008;

-   Windows Server 2008 R2;

-   Windows 8;

-   Windows 8.1;

-   Windows 10;

-   Windows Server 2012;

-   Windows Server 2012 R2.


WinBIZ installs in "C:\Program Files (x86)\La Gestion Electronique SA\WinBIZ 9.0\WinBIZ.exe" the program cache_registry.exe that can be launched in order to modify the setting on the workstations on which WinBIZ is installed. It must be copied and run also on the File Server.

The same program is installed also in its *.bat version, always in "C:\Program Files (x86)\La Gestion Electronique SA\WinBIZ 9.0\WinBIZ.exe".


It's generally not needed to disable SMB2 and SMB3. If problems persist, ensure that you really set the cache delay to 0 on all the workstations and server participating in the communication.

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