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Remote database location

The database files are, in this configuration, placed on a workstation that is different from the ones used to run WinBIZ.


WinBIZ is a software developed to work under the Windows OS. Its database is conceived to work on disks based on Windows Files Systems.


Because of this, it is not possible to put the data files on Linux Workstations or servers. The Linux File System differs substantially from the Windows one and it doesn't offer the same security mechanisms and options.


The Data file must be put on a Windows server, or on a Windows workstation/server emulated with products like VirtualBox ou VMware Workstation


It's compulsory that the WinBIZ users has "Full access" (all the rights, without exception) to:

- all the folders and sub-folders included in the database folder;

- the WinBIZ.exe (by default it is located in "C:\Program Files (x86)\La Gestion Electronique SA\WinBIZ 9.0\WinBIZ.exe", but the user can choose a different location during the install;

- the temp folder (by default it is "C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Temp", but it can be modified via Windows Settings and in any case accessed via %TEMP%.


The database folder must not be synchronized with services like: Dropbox, Box, Mega, OneDrive, etc. This consideration applies also to single-user installations.


Windows Server offers the possibility to synchronize files for an offline usage. This functionality is called Windows Offline Sync and it can not be used for WinBIZ data.


The access to database must be done with a mapping, and not with a UNC path. As an exemple, M:\WinBIZ_Data is correct, while \\serverdata\WinBiz_Data is not.

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