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Language used

It is presented here a list of functions that can be used in script and reports in order to display the most commonly asked data that are not displayed by default. The list is not exhaustive but covers the most common requests we received over the years. Visual FoxPro functions can also be used.


The Microsoft site offers the complete online documentation concerning Visual Fox Pro here. The documentation is also available as a download here.


A list of all the available Visual FoxPro functions can be found here.


In the following chapters some functions developed by WinBIZ will be listed with some short examples.


In each example you'll find the conditions that have to be met in order to be able to use a certain function.


The conditions concern mainly the availability of certain tables or fields at the moment the function is executed. You need to understand how the report designer work to do this, and you can find the documentation about it here.

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