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Retrieve an information about an address

This function can return various information related to an address.


ad_info(<cInfo>, <nAdresse>[, <dDateEnd>][, <dDateStart>] [, <vStock>])





Piece of information to be returned. The possible values for cInfo are:

customerbalance: debtor balance;

customerdocumentsopen: list of open invoice numbers for a given customer;

customerinitialbalance: beginning debtor balance;

customerinvoicesopen: open debtor's invoices total amount;

customersalesitem: total amount of sales for an item or group of items;

customersalestotal: total amount of sales [VAT Excluded] [VAT Included] [TTC] [HT];

customersalestotalvatexcluded: total amount of sales, VAT Exclude (no need to pass a parameter);

customercreditnoteopen: total amount of open debtor's credit notes;

customerlastsale: last sale;

customeradvances: debtor advances;

salescount: total number of sales;

supplierbalance: creditor balance

supplierinitialbalance: beginning creditor balance;

supplierpurchasestotal: total amount of purchases;

supplierinvoicesopen: total amount of open creditor's invoices;

suppliercreditnoteopen: total amount of creditor's credit notes;

supplierlastpurchase: last purchase;

supplierpurchaseitem: total amount of purchases by item;

supplierpurchasescount: total number of purchases;

salesmansalestotal: total amount of sales for the vendor.


Only the transactions concerning the addresses with ad_numero = nAdresse are considered.


The transactions are selected up to the date specified. The parameter is optional. If the parameter is missing all the transactions are selected.


The transactions are selected starting from the date specified. The parameter is optional. If the parameter is missing all the transactions are selected


This parameter is used only if cInfo is customersalesitem or supplierpurchasesitem.

If the type of vStock is a numeric, the cInfo is applied to the Item with ad_numero = vStock.

If the type of vStock is a string, the cInfo is applied to the Items being in the group specified in vStock.



*/ Show the debtor balance for the customer with the identifier equal to 1000 (Ad_numero = 1000).

ad_info("customerinitialbalance", 1000)

*/ Show the total number of sales at 15 march 2017 for the customer having an ID of 100.

ad_info("customersalescount", 100, {15.03.2017} ))

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