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Retrieve the content of a given field, using a complex condition

This function returns the content of a field from a Table if a given value expression is satisfied.


GetValueSqlExp(<cFieldToReturn>, cTableToSearch>, <cExpression>)





Specifies the Field whose content is to be returned.


Specifies the table in which the value cFieldToReturn is located.


Specifies the expression criteria. Expression criteria must be enclosed in [brackets].


This function is similar to GetValueSQL. The main difference is that:


GetValueSQL search is based on only one condition. The content of a given field is based on the content of another field


GetValueSqlExp search is based on an expression that can contain multiple criteria.


*/ Show the document number for an invoice created for an address with ID = 1000 on the 01.03.2017 and whose reference is TEST_REFERENCE.

GetValueSQLExp("do_nodoc", "document", [do_type = 20 and do_adr1 = 1000 and do_date1 = {01.03.2017} and do_ref1 = "TEST_REFERENCE"])

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