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This method returns the content of a given field from a given Table if a given value expression is satisfied.


       "Method": "GetValueSqlExp",
       "Parameters": [


Parameter Description
cFieldToReturn Specifies the Field whose content is to be returned.
cTableToSearch Specifies the table in which the value cFieldToReturn is located.
cExpression Specifies the expression criteria. Expression criteria must be enclosed in [brackets].


This method is similar to GetValueSQL. The main difference is that:

GetValueSQL search is based on only one condition. The content of a given field is based on the content of another field.

GetValueSqlExp search is based on an expression that can contain multiple criteria.


*/ Return the document number for an invoice created for an address with ID = 1000 on the 01.03.2017. The invoice reference is TEST_REFERENCE

       "Method": "GetValueSqlExp",
       "Parameters": [
             "do_type = 20 and do_adr1 = 1000 and do_date1 = {01.03.2017} and do_ref1 = 'TEST_REFERENCE'"

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