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DocumentImport file for creditors payments

The format of the file must be




File type

CSV, text delimited by semi-columns



Record delimiter

CRLF (CHR(10) + CHR(13))

Code page

1252 ANSI (Event. 850 or 437 ASCII)

File name



You can use the file used to import the commercial documents also to import the creditor payments linked to the documents.

The payments can be imported for:

  1. a) documents already existing in the WinBIZ database
  2. b) documents that are in the same file in which the payments are


The structure of the information is the same as for the other documents, even if only a few fields are considered in the import


Field Nr Source Description Field type Example Comment
1 Header Number of the document paid by this payment N(10) 1000


If no document with this number exist, the row will be completely ignored

2 Header Document type N(2) 46 Compulsory
3 Header  Date YYYYMMDD or DD.MM.YYYY 20170301 01.03.2017 01/03/2017 Compulsory, with or without delimiters
4 Header  Time HH:MM 14:59 Optional
5 Header  Reference C(60) Closing payment Optional
6 Header  Total amount in local currency N(15, 2) 18350.50 Compulsory
7 Header  Foreign Currency ISO Code C(3) USD


The currency of the payment must be the same of the document. Otherwise the currency of the document will be used.

8 Header  Exchange rate N(12, 6) 1.28546 Optional
9 Header  Total amount in foreign currency N(15, 2) 14275.43 Optional
10 to 11         See main documentation
12 Header  Discount account C(12) 4910 Optional
13 to 144         See main documentation
145 Document Discount amount in local currency N(10, 2) 5.45 Optional
146 Document Discount amount in foreign currency N(10, 2) 5.45 Optional
147 Document Payment method code C(40) CCP120 Optional
148 to 159         See main documentation



The file to be imported must contain all the columns mentioned above. The order of the columns is compulsory.

The name of the fields does NOT determine the content.

The optional fields must be in the file, but can be left empty.

Some programs can generate NULL values in their exports. This value is not always supported during the import. The only way to know if it is possible to exploit the files created by your program is to test them yourself.

The payments are by default imported in status "Waiting". If the type of the Payment method is "Cash", the payment will be imported with status "OK".

The compensations are not manageable via the import file.

The exchange rate difference is calculated only if there is a rate exchange difference between the document and the payment.

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