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DocumentImport file for documents transformation

An existing document can be transformed into another type of document using the file import.


The format of the file must be:


File type

CSV, text delimited by semi-columns



Record delimiter

CRLF (CHR(10) + CHR(13))

Code page

1252 ANSI (Event. 850 or 437 ASCII)

File name

*.wdx or bizexdoc*.csv


The structure of the information is the same as for the other documents, even if only a few fields are considered in the import


Field Nr Source Description Field type Example Comment
1 Header Document Nb N(12) 1000


Indicates the number of the document to be transformed

2 Header Document type N(2)


16 corresponds to the source document type

20 corresponds to the target document type


The document type indicate before the Tag must match the document type of the existing document specified in field 1.

The document type specified in the Tag <TRANSFORM=xx> must match the document type in which a document has to be transformed.
3 to 159         To be left empty



The file to be imported must contain all the columns mentioned above. The order of the columns is compulsory.

The name of the fields does NOT determine the content.

The optional fields must be in the file, but can be left empty.

Some programs can generate NULL values in their exports. This value is not always supported during the import. The only way to know if it is possible to exploit the files created by your program is to test them yourself.

Leftovers are not manageable via the transformation of documents done via an import file. Only the totality of a document can be transformed (all the lines, with total quantity).

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