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ProjectActivitiesImport file

The format of the file must be:


File type

CSV, text separated by semi-columns

Field delimiter


Record delimiter

CRLF (CHR(10) + CHR(13))

Code page

1252 ANSI (Event. 850 or 437 ASCII)

File extension



Field Nb Description Field type Comments Priority
1 Activity date Date Compulsory  
2 Staff member code C(15) Compulsory  
3 Activity status N(1)


The accepted values are:

1 Incomplete

2 Editable

3 Not approved

4 Billable

5 Billed

6 Do not bill
4 Activity batch number N(10)


The same batch number should be assigned to all the activities that will need to be grouped.

5 Task code C(15)


6 Task description C(250) Optional  
7 Start date and time Date or Date Time


The accepted formats are


5 (see remark)
8 End date and time Date or Date Time


The accepted formats are



5 (see remark)
9 Total length in minutes N(10)


1 (see remark)
10 Total length in seconds N(10)


2 (see remark)
11 Total length in hours and hundredths N(15, 4) Optional 3 (see remark)
12 Integer part of number of hours N(10) Optional 4 (see remark)
13 Integer part of the number of minutes N(2) Optional 4 (see remark)
14 Task hourly rate N(15, 2) Optional  
15 Task total amount C(20) Optional  
16 Place C(20) Optional  
17 Project code C(20) Optional  
18 Customer code C(20) Optional  
19 Notes C(250) Optional  



The file to be imported must contain all the columns mentioned above. The order of the columns is compulsory.

The name of the fields does NOT determine the content.

The optional fields must be in the file, but can be left empty.

Some programs can generate NULL values in their exports. This value is not always supported during the import. The only way to know if it is possible to exploit the files created by your program is to test them yourself.

The length of the activity can be specified in different ways:

- Filling in only field 1, and thus determining a full day length (fill in the key: full_day_length);

- Filling in both fields 7 and 8, and thus determining a series of full day lengths;

- Filling in both fields 9 and 10, and thus determining an activity that has a length corresponding to the difference between the two;

- Filling in only field 11, thus determining an activity which length corresponds to the number entered (ex: 4.5 equals 4 hours and a half);

- Filling in both fields 12 and 13, thus determining the length of the activity in hours and minutes.

If the information concerning the length are specified in more than one field, WinBIZ will use only the first piece of information available according to the column priority.


If you wish to import a file with very few information, you can check the keys available in ProjectActivitiesImport in order to discover which elements can be defaulted.

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