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Is it possible to retrieve tables as a whole ?

The demands that we receive are often about the Documents and Detail tables.

As a general rule, this is not possible. We can make exceptions.

The reasons behind this decision are:

- many of these tables contain values that are understandable only through the business logic that is coded in Winbiz. The raw data can be more misleading than helpful.

- the documents table (as an example) contains all the documents (invoices, delivery slips, payments, etc...). Copying everything in a third party tool is (and can only be) slow and unsafe.

- the API can not exploited like a database is exploited by a cube. You will not find API that expose the full content of a database in a similar way. The partners should specify, in their demands, which kind of information they need, and we'll be happy to address them to existing methods, or to create new ones.

The exceptions that we make (examples):

- chart of account - useful to parameter (as en example ) the correct account that is linked to a product family in a cash register mobile program;

- list of the possible categories to be used in a document - useful when a partner wants to allow a vendor to enter orders from a mobile application

- lists that are relatively fix and that are useful to enter standard information, or perform standard configurations.

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