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This method returns the folders list.

This method always returns the complete list of the folders that are available in the user's Winbiz Cloud, no matter the content of the "winbiz-companyid" and "winbiz-year" headers.

The method can be used as an alternative way to prompt the user with a list of folders / fiscal year that replaces the need to enter manually this values at the logon.


The Headers "winbiz-companyid" and "winbiz-year" are compulsory, but can be left empty when this method is used.


  "Method": "Folders",
  "Parameters": [



winbiz-companyid = 0

*/ Return the folders list

  "Method": "Folders",
  "Parameters": [


Property Description
dos_numero ID of the folder
dos_name Name of the folder
dos_adress First line of the address
dos_npa Zip code of the address
dos_ville Town of the address
dos_canton Canton of the address
exercices List of the fiscal years of the folder
exc_annee Year of the fiscal year
exc_debut Start date of the fiscal year
exc_fin End date of the fiscal year
exc_desc Name of the fiscal year
exc_isbcl Is the fiscal year closed (true) or not (false)

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