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ODBC and OLE-DB connections are discontinued

The Winbiz installations using new ODBC and OLE-DB are not supported

In the beginning of 2017 we announced that the ODBC and OLE-DB connection were deprecated. At the same time we indicated that they would have been soon discontinued. The connections that were directly writing to the Winbiz database were already not supported anymore.

The necessity to connect to the Winbiz database has been in the meantime replaced in semptember 2017 by the Winbiz Cloud API for Winbiz cloud. The API offers better security to the customers and is easier to use for third-party developers.

The possibility to read from or write to the local Winbiz installation is still respectively granted through the bizinfo dll and by the standard imports.

Starting from April 1st, 2018 the Winbiz installations to which ODBC and OLE-DB connections are established will not be supported anymore.

The existing approved connectors will still be supported

All the Winbiz installation that are interfaced with connectors that are already approved and published in the Business solutions will still be supported and recommended to the customers.

No new third-party tools using ODBC and OLE-DB will be approved and published after March 31st, 2018. A request for approval is always available using this Form

The new connectors must not use ODBC and OLE-DB connections

The new connectors, submitted after March, 31 2018 must not use the ODBC and OLE-DB connections.

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