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WagesImport file

The source file has to be a *.csv delimited by semi-columns defined as follows:

Field Nb Description Field type Example Comments
1 Processing date Date 30.01.2017  DD.MM.YYYY
2 Period number n(2) 1  The number of the period specified in the file must be a valid period in WinBIZ
3 Employee code c(15) AB00005  
4 Payroll section code c(4) 1000  
5 Payroll section coefficient or rate n(10, 4) 158.00 Contains a number of hours or a rate
6 Employer share, coefficient or rate n(10, 4) 0.00 Used only if certain Employer expenses are booked
7 Employer share, complementary amount n(10, 4) 0.00 Used only if certain Employer expenses are booked
8 Calculation base n(15,  2) 35.00 Example: hourly cost
9 Comment c(40) Commission Optional complementary comment: it will appear on the payroll section line on the Salary statement.
10 Import type n(2) 1 Replace an existing Payroll section or not



The file to be imported must contain all the columns mentioned above. The order of the columns is compulsory.

The name of the fields does NOT determine the content.

The optional fields must be in the file, but can be left empty.

Some programs can generate NULL values in their exports. This value is not always supported during the import. The only way to know if it is possible to exploit the files created by your program is to test them yourself.





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