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DocumentImport file for Items

It is possible to import and update the items via the DocumentImport file for documents.

The exceptions to the standard structure are the following ones:

Field Nr Source Description Field type Example Comment
2 Header Document type N(2) 00

In order to import Items: 

00 Items Import
6 Header Total amount in local currency N(15, 2) 00.00 In order to import Items the amount must be zero. 
50 Lines Item code C(30) WINWORDXP2003


74 Item Item update method N(1) 1


The accepted values are:

0 = never adds and never updates the WinBIZ item

>=1 = if a item corresponding to the code in field 50 is found in WinBIZ, the item is updated. Otherwise the item is added.


Only the fields from 75 to 98 are updated/added according to field 74.

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