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Application Keys FAQ

To whom an Application key can be assigned?

An Application Key is assigned to an App.

The App is firstly submitted to be published to the Winbiz App Store.

An Application Key uniquely identifies an App and Partner. This means that Partners can’t share Application keys. Each Application must have a different application key.

Do I have to ask for a different Application Key for each customer?

No, obviously you don’t. The Application Key uniquely identifies an App and a Partner.

A customer is identified by its own Company and user, and only needs to buy your App from the Winbiz App Store.

Do I have to ask for a different Application Key for each App that I publish?

Yes, you have to.

I sell three different versions of an App (Small, Medium, Large): how many Application Keys do I need?

You need one Application Key for each Application you develop. Each version (or edition) is considered as an App: in this case you’ll consequently need a Key for each version.

Which methods can the Application Key use?

The Application Key can use only the methods that are declared what the submission form is filled in.

Can I add/remove methods to the ones that have been declared when the App is published?

Yes, new methods can be added at any moment. We reserve the right to contact the App's existing customers, in order to ensure that they accept the usage of the new methods.

How a customer who buys an App is identified?

When a customer buys an App, its user is added to the users who can communicate with the Api through the App that he just purchased. This verification is always done with the verification of the combination of Application Key / User / Company of the User.

How can I verify that my App works correctly after I implemented the Application Key?

The users who can use the Development Key are automatically added to the users who can use the Application Key. Tests can be done using the same users used while developing the App.

I’d like to use a separate user for the tests, can this be done?

Yes. You can have two Winbiz Cloud users: wb-userDev, wb-userTest.

You then ask to link only wb-userDev to the Development Key.

You then ask to link both users to the Application Key.

Doing so, you can use exclusively wb-userDev for the development and exclusively wb-userTest for the Tests.

In this configuration wb-userTest will be allowed to use only the methods allowed by the Application Key, and you’ll discover very quickly if you did something wrong in the Application calls.

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