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A customer wants to delete his subscription to an App purchased in the AppStore

Today the operation is to be done manually.

If the customer contacts us, we'll ask him to contact one your helpdesk (by phone or e-mail) as specified in each App published on the AppStore.

How to delete the subscription

  1. Go to you Stripe console
    1. Customers
    2. You see there the list of the active users
    3. Click on the customer to be deleted
  2. A new form opens
    1. Scroll down to: Souscriptions
    2. Click on the tree dots on the right
      1. Click on Cancel subscription
    3. Once you've done this in the “Status” column appear the status “Canceled”
  3. Use the contact form to communicate us:
    1. the name of the App to be canceled
    2. the user name (in the form wb-user) to be canceled 



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