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Login management

The applications must provide the users the way to enter:

  • their Company
  • the cloud user (for which the application has been bought)
  • the password (the same password the user uses to access the cloud)
  • the Folder ID (the number of the Folder that the user wants to access in its WinBIZ Cloud)
  • the Fiscal Year (the Fiscal Year that the user wants to access in its WinBIZ Cloud)

All these Fields are mandatory and cannot be left empty.

The Cloud User and the Password fields should not remember the credentials of the user, unless the user explicitly asks so (via as an example, a "Remember me" function).

The Folder ID and the Fiscal Year can be chosen from a list obtained via the Folders method.

The chapter Access errors contains the errors that can be linked to the login and data access operations. The messages to be displayed to the users are also presented.

The application must provide to the users a way to ask assistance to the developer (not to LOGICIAL) when these errors occur.

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